API - Arizona Performance Imports. Tim Beadle, your Honda motor specialist. Power for your Sand Rails, Off-Road Vehichles, and Street Cars.

API - Arizona Performance Imports
Tim Beadle builder of high performance Honda motors
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"I have over 40 years factory trained experience in street cars, drag cars, off road race cars, sand cars, turbo’s, NOS, you name it."

--Tim Beadle
Owner of API

API provides motors to
the top sand car builders

Products - API Parts and Accessories for Honda Motor and Sand Rails

High Performance Honda Motors

API Parts & Accessores

Please contact us to purchase any of the products you see here.

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Throttle Arm

Price: $12.00

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Factory O2 Sensor

Price: $125.00

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Howe Power Steering Bracket

Will fit 3.0, 3.2, & 3.5 Honda motors. Includes hardware.
Price: $119.00

Offset Valve Cover Filter

Price: $13.95

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Engine Harness & Computer

Price: $1,000.00

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Rewire Your Harness

call for details
Price: $500.00

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Fuel Pump Kits

Starting at: $100.00

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Engine Mount Kit

- Will fit all J-Series (1998-2004)
- Will fit all 3.0, 3.2, & 3.5 Honda Motors
- Comes with all hardware
Price: $69.00

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EGR Block-off Plate

Price: $18.00

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Throttle Kit

Price: $59.00

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Power Pullies

Starting at: $325.00

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Fly Wheel & Adapter Kit

Call for pricing

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Kenedy Clutches

Call for pricing

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Dual Headers