API - Arizona Performance Imports. Tim Beadle, your Honda motor specialist. Power for your Sand Rails, Off-Road Vehichles, and Street Cars.

API - Arizona Performance Imports
Tim Beadle builder of high performance Honda motors
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Featured API Products for Your Honda powered Sand Car

API is a leading provider of
Honda motor performance
packages for sand cars, off-
road cars, drag cars, and street
cars. We offer a full line of
engine packages, bolt on kits,
and performance parts & acces-
sories for all areas of your ride.
If you're looking for a complete
engine setup, check out our
engine packages.

We offer a wide selection of
custom bolt-on parts and acces-
sores made by API that are
available for your custom ride.
Check out our parts & accessories.

Tim Beadle and his friends were featured in the season finale of PINKS this past season

Turbo powered red Civic in lane 1.
(Right click and select Stop to Pause this video)

Featuring Honda motors built by Tim Beadle of API and much more

Services for your Sand Car by Tim Beadle and Team


At API, Tim Beadle and his team take great pride in their services department. "We provide a full line of service options for your sand cars, off-road race cars, Baja class 10 cars, and street legal buggies." - Tim Beadle
View our services page to see what we can do for you today.

  • Cleaning and repacking of CV's
  • Clutch replacements
  • Valve adjustments
  • Transmission servicing
  • Suspension and shock maintenance
  • Plus much more...